Sweet Gorgeousness is my Passion

Professionally trained in the art of Fashion Merchandising, I discovered my love of sweets while studying abroad in France. Every single morning, I had the pleasure of walking by the prettiest little bakery, featuring an array of gorgeously styled goods. I fell in love with the delicate little cookies and cakes, and couldn’t get enough of the gold flaked adornments.

This experience led me to learn as much as I could in the art of what I like to call “dessert styling”. Each and every piece that I create is like styling a living, breathing person, and I put my heart into making them a pretty little piece of perfection. I love what I do and I sincerely hope that it shows in each and every sweet dessert that is custom created for you.

I believe that beautiful things are absolutely essential in life.

I think that Eye Candy is exceptional, but it’s even better when you can eat it, too!

I know that Life is too Short for Dull Sweets.

I believe that the best things come in the smallest packages.

I think that being a Wife and a Mother was my calling.

I know that happiness is found in the bottom of a bag of sugar.


Are you getting ready to say your vows and want to provide your guests with excited edible artwork? Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, Let’s make your sweet dreams come true! Your sweets bar will be all the rage at your wedding, just make sure to save room for dessert!


Events are where we shine! Need something special that you have never seen before? We can dream it up! Want a sweet treat that will wow your guests? We’ve got you covered! You worry about celebrating and we will worry about the desserts! Book now!


We create beautiful, made from scratch personalized cookies that are perfect for your next event or gathering. Our cookies have been the feature dessert at a number of high end events, including celebrations for Estee Lauder, NY Fashion Week, and much more! Order yours sweet treats today!